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The Science of Walking With The Principal

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The Science of Walking With The Principal

An attack on the principal is a time, distance relationship. Moving the principal, driving or walking is managing time and distance. If there is an attack on the principal (AOP), driving or walking, any delay in the decision-making process will equate to less time and distance to do what you need to do to earn your paycheck.  No matter what level of skill the practitioners possesses if there is not enough time and distance to use the skill, bad things will happen.

An understanding of the basic principles of managing time and distance can be lifesaving knowledge.

Also, this concept of time and distance applies to all types of movements, including walking with the principal or standing in close proximity to the principal.

Consider that the “average” leisure walking speed is 3.1 MPH, (5 KPH) and walking at a faster pace would bring the speed up to 5.6 MPH or 9 KPH.

Just as in a vehicle, if an AOP occurs while walking with the principal, you won’t have a Mile or a Kilometer to mitigate risk, and you will not have an hour your workspace will be measured in feet or meters and in seconds.

Walking with the principal the leisurely pace of 3.1 MPH or 5 KPH is equivalent to walking 4.6 Feet Per Second, or 1.4 Meters per second.

Walking at the faster pace, 5.6 MPH, 9 KPH  is equivalent to walking 8.2 Feet Per Second or 2.5 Meters Per Second.

Unlike moving the principal in a vehicle where the speeds are high and decision time is measured in tenths of seconds, when walking with the principal, the speed is low and time is measured in seconds. As an example, using the leisurely pace 3.1 MPH (5 KPH) walking speed, a delay in perception of the problem of one second would mean the threat is 4.6 feet (1.4 Meters) closer to the principal. In two seconds (count to two slowly), given the 3.1 miles (5 KPH) example, if there is a delay in perception, the threat is approximately 9 feet (2.8 Meters) closer to the principal.

Whatever the attack scenario, moving in a vehicle or walking, there is a time and a distance that will mitigate the problem.


Consider the concept of time and distance in the context of training. While training if the provider allows 5 seconds to solve a problem that needs to be mitigated in 2 seconds they create a false sense of security that can be exploited by those who wish to do you and your principal harm.