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Is Venezuela able to face the USA?

For the Spanish version, click here. Is Venezuela able to face the USA? In recent days, the tension between the illegal government from Nicolás Maduro and the US Administration is raising, the main reason is the humanitarian aid delivery, through the bridge connecting Colombia with Venezuela, the question remaining on the air, refers to a…
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Philippines and the situation in Mindanao

The events that occurred within the last week in the Southern Philippines are both interesting and a potential challenge not only to the future of the Country but also to the legacy of President Duterte himself. First of all was a referendum about the state of autonomy that the Muslim community would be allowed to…
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What is Self Defense in a world with Terrorism?

What means Self Defense in a world with terrorism?  Very often we read or see news about terrorism, kidnapping, assaults, murder, violence, sexual harassment, crime…crime…crime, and concerned people is starting to think seriously about their own security, about protect themselves and the loved ones, because the governments and law enforcement agencies can’t protect everybody anytime,…
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Nigeria Security Update

The year 2018 ended on a sour note along the shoreline of Lake Chad. For the last fortnight, the reports of conflict near the town of Baga have caught analysts by surprise. The insurgents who are believed to be from ISWAP (Islamic State West Africa Province) were actually able to capture the town. Reports have…
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Jueces: Defender al defensor

Jueces: Defender al Defensor Si creemos en la separación de poderes y en lo que la Justicia representa en el ámbito de un estado moderno, resulta plausible pensar que los Jueces como garantes de la Justicia, deben estar a salvo de abusos, presiones, amenazas, asaltos o riesgo físico que incluye el asesinato en última instancia,…
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