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What is CQB?

What is CQB? Nowadays, when all terms and methods are “fluid” to adapt to the necessities of marketing, it’s becoming difficult to find a good definition of what CQB really means, and the question to be asked, what is good training based on real situations with combat-proven drills? Historically perspective I’m not a person stuck…
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What is Self Defense in a world with Terrorism?

What means Self Defense in a world with terrorism?  Very often we read or see news about terrorism, kidnapping, assaults, murder, violence, sexual harassment, crime…crime…crime, and concerned people is starting to think seriously about their own security, about protect themselves and the loved ones, because the governments and law enforcement agencies can’t protect everybody anytime,…
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Entrenamiento Operativo para la Realidad

To the English version, please follow this link… Thanks. Entrenamiento Operativo para la realidad En los últimos años hemos asistido a un brote neumónico de Reality Based Training, como casi siempre, un nombre seleccionado en base a las acciones de marketing, porque el entrenamiento operativo para la realidad, es tan antiguo como Sparta, Roma, Hispania…
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