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Operational Training for reality

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Operational training for reality

In recent years we have witnessed a pulmonary outbreak of Reality Based Training, as almost always, a name selected based on marketing actions, because operational training for reality, is as old as Sparta, Rome, Hispania or Israel, traveling to antiquity, those people did not train to win, they did it to survive.

What we have now

Which is sold by training based on reality ? or better yet, because there would be training not based on reality? What is the point of making a spoon for the soup with a huge hole in the center? because the same sense has to create a method that is not based on reality … then we assume that all systems of combat and self-defense should have that orientation … but it’s not like that.

What is the reality?

Now that we have the concept clear, let’s look at the second premise: What is the reality? I see on many occasions comments and videos based on the universal “it worked for me” or “this agent saved his life”. Well, I disagree enough is that comment, that a technique, tactic or strategy works once, does not mean that it is based on reality or that it works in most situations, because security must be based on statistics and real studies, there we extrapolate REALITY.

To say that something is based on reality, you must enroll in studies of real actions (never gym or shooting gallery) with a universe-wide enough, so that the data can be extrapolated to our daily and operational reality.

The third concept that I want to highlight: who decides what is real and what is not? It is paradigmatic that people outside the security work in its various aspects (Corporate, Police, Military, Intelligence), train professional staff without having even worked on the street. As an example, to qualify as an SIA Level 3 Escort teacher in Great Britain, you have had to work at some point in the last three years as a CPO, it does not matter if you belonged to the SAS for years, the norm is clear and I know it first-hand.

Similarly happens in Spain, there are serious requirements (at least they were when I obtained my certifications as a teacher 22 years ago), to recognize a person as a safety teacher in a certain subject was necessary professional experience, technical knowledge, and academic certification.

On a personal level, I think that even in these cases, we can not declare something as based on the reality of “motu propio“, if it is not verified by statistics, those that are so amateur in the US for example.

Inexperience + Lack of Official Certification x Lack of knowledge = Safe Disaster

Let’s see the subject in a different way, someone would hire a surgeon to operate his heart, if this person lacks OFFICIAL recognition, does not have CERTIFIED TRAINING and also his EXPERIENCE with the scalpel is null ?. Probably 100% of readers will agree with me that we will not hire this doctor, for a lot of marketing, advertising and beautiful girls who present their work.

However, in a profession that also plays with people’s lives, such as security, we have professional intrusiveness and DISASTER knowledge, because sometimes, instructors stepped onto the street 20 years ago and since then they have not returned to edit and refresh data … but they are hired.

I continue to kick the street whenever I have the opportunity and intervening in operations, obviously less and less, getting older, but that’s where I stand … I do not say it as a relevant fact, if not objective, because I collaborate with organizations in the United States whose members It remains on-duty in tasks of Intelligence, SWAT, SF, CT or Dignitary Protection Services.

Return on Investment

Finally and as a relevant fact, if a company or individual is going to invest money in training courses, it should be ensured not only of the professional profile of the instructors, but also of the qualifications that the assistants receive and the recognition by professional institutions of prestige, which include ASIS or SIA in matters of Security Management and Protection of People, NRA in Tire, NTOA in tactical operations or any other officially recognized body.

Always request a copy of certifications and official qualifications, a training contract stating which institution covers the training received and which official recognition.