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Cameroon refugees in Mexico

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Cameroon refugees in Mexico

One of the most interesting aspects of politics in recent memory has to be the hidden links between what on the surface would be two distinct crises.  This phenomenon appears to be currently playing out on the Southern Border of the United States. Cameroon refugees in Mexico, are already there.

At this time one of the major hot button issues and politically the most divisive is the border with Mexico. There are some that would like to see open access along the border but for different reasons. One would like to have reasonably cheap labor while the other side is supportive of this for a callous reason of an expectation of new voters to change the demographics to return to power in Washington.  But there is another interesting twist to this.

When most Americans hear the reports that there is a new camp of people seeking asylum along the border with Mexico the assumption is that there is another influx from another country in the Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala). That is not the case here.

Recent media reports indicate that there is currently a large camp of Ambazonians (English Speakers from Cameroon) outside Tijuana.

These people are currently seeking asylum in the United States as a result of the conflict in the English Speaking part of the Country. So the question is how are these people transiting from Cameroon to Mexico?

Reports indicate that there is a concerted like of transporting people from Cameroon and other egress points to Ecuador to begin the long transit North. Individuals that are holding a valid passport from Cameroon are not required to have a Visa in order to travel to Ecuador. The movement of these people should be investigated. There is either an individual or a group of people that are making a bundle of money by providing transportation between Africa and South America.

This move by the Ambazonians can be seen as an effort to take advantage of the bad publicity the Country currently has in Washington. The death of a US Missionary at a Police Checkpoint is the hinge-point to the souring of relations between the United States and Cameroon. It is not that much of a stretch to assume that the refugees are hoping that the current decline in relations between the countries could be the impetus for the United States to grant the asylum that they crave so badly.

It is sad to note that this crisis has not generated the press coverage that those fleeing from the Northern Triangle has generated. It can be argued that the Africans have been inspired by the reactions that their fellow refugees from Central America have garnered from both the Media and Civil Society Groups in both Mexico and the United States.  As bad as the immigration system is being taxed in the United States right now how does one who may have a valid complaint about asylum have their case heard in court?

The crisis in Cameroon has been considered to be an oversight by most of the major International Media Outlets. The situation on the border has been an election issue in the United States for decades. Seeing them mesh in this form is a problem that should have been expected, shows that the point of origin is in a crisis that needs resolution and the American Taxpayer is showing signs of anger at the lack of will to resolve the domestic part of this problem.