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Border Syria-Turkey

By Scott Morgan We are roughly thirty days into Operation Peace Spring. The Turkish Intervention into Northeastern Syria which was launched days after President Trump made the controversial decision to shift the small US Troop presence in the Country. This presents a very apropro opportunity to do an assessment of what Turkey’s Counterterrorism Strategy is…
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Is Venezuela able to face the USA?

For the Spanish version, click here. Is Venezuela able to face the USA? In recent days, the tension between the illegal government from Nicolás Maduro and the US Administration is raising, the main reason is the humanitarian aid delivery, through the bridge connecting Colombia with Venezuela, the question remaining on the air, refers to a…
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The Triple Frontier and Hezbollah

Scott Morgan from Washington DC: The Triple Frontier and the US Administration Judging by the reactions from some Democrats in Congress and the legacy media outlets one can assume that in the view of the Trump Administration the collapse of Venezuela is the only threat to the National Security of the United States. Pay attention…
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What is Self Defense in a world with Terrorism?

What means Self Defense in a world with terrorism?  Very often we read or see news about terrorism, kidnapping, assaults, murder, violence, sexual harassment, crime…crime…crime, and concerned people is starting to think seriously about their own security, about protect themselves and the loved ones, because the governments and law enforcement agencies can’t protect everybody anytime,…
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Nigeria Security Update

The year 2018 ended on a sour note along the shoreline of Lake Chad. For the last fortnight, the reports of conflict near the town of Baga have caught analysts by surprise. The insurgents who are believed to be from ISWAP (Islamic State West Africa Province) were actually able to capture the town. Reports have…
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Terrorism in Catalonia 2019

Nota: Al final del artículo se encuentra la traducción al castellano. At the end, the Spanish version. Terrorism in Catalonia in 2019? On December 21, the weak Spanish socialist government, maintained on the power by several parties, including the Catalan separatists, will hold a Council of Ministers in Catalonia to demonstrate that “the State is…
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Sahel Update

Sahel Update – 9 Dec 2018 Within the last fortnight, two events have taken place in the Sahel that should have analysts both intrigued and concerned. The first event took place in Niger. The State of Emergency now exists in the provinces adjoining the border with Burkina Faso since December 1st. There have been a…
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Seguridad e Inteligencia

Seguridad e Inteligencia Vivimos en un mundo lleno de oportunidades para el desarrollo humano y los negocios, pero también sabesmos que  en ocasiones, ese escenario conlleva riesgos que deben manejarse desde una firme alianza Seguridad-Inteligencia, es decir,  comprender el escenario presente y futuro para tomar decisiones que redunden en mejoras significativas que aplicar a los planes…
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Máxima amenaza a la Seguridad Nacional

Terrorismo, Cyber terrorismo y Desestabilización Social ¿Cual es la Amenaza perfecta a la Seguridad NAcional?, ¿Caminamos hacia una tormenta perfecta, donde Terrorismo, Cyber terrorismo y agentes no estatales o trabajando bajo falsa bandera, sean capaces de golpear países o grandes corporaciones?. Creo que ese escenario debe trabajarse con anticipación porque si no está ocurriendo, ocurrirá…
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Rusia y las operaciones encubiertas

Hace dos días conocíamos la identidad de uno de los acusados del envenenamiento del caso Skripal en Gran Bretaña, se trata del Coronel Anatoly Chepiga, AKA Ruslan Boshirov. Es un conocido militar de la Madre Rusia, veterano de operaciones encubiertas en Ucrania y condecorado por el presidente Putin. El periódico español ABC presenta hoy más…
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