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Senior Consultant Security & Intelligence Services

Security during/after Covid19

During my career in the Intelligence field, I used to present reports to decision-makers with this comment, “do you want to know the near future? take a look at the present, pretty similar, big changes are coming step by step, slowly”… this statement is over, Humankind is now facing a global crisis and the result…
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Compliance as Risk Management element

The overlap on Risk Management, GRC and Compliance.

Transforming Security Industry

The transformation of the security business I have been involved in this industry from 1988, passing trough most positions and task in both public and private fields, probably I have perspective enough to look back into the transformation of the security industry, from where are we coming…. And where we are pretending to arrive. What…
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Talking about Security and Business cycle, required to understand something: Our time has a significant amount of changes in the areas of Security and Businesses, new terms appeared in our vocabulary or made a twist in the significance, we are moving on a fast pace environment connected with New Technologies, Globalization, Emerging Markets, Corporate merges…
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Hack the Corporate

Since I was a kid I liked to dismantle all kinds of things to see their guts, how things work… and how to improve them or make them work differently or more efficiently. Over the years I applied that same thought to security, I even collaborated in some projects aimed at verifying protection failures in…
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Extortion, Counterfeit and Kidnaping

Extortion, Counterfeit, and Kidnaping Extortion, Counterfeit and Kidnaping, the modern triangle of a lucrative business for Organized Crime groups and, criminals overseas. It’s estimated total value of 3 Trillion USD in operations across the globe, and just the Cybercrime is producing a loss of 2 Trillion USD for the IT related industry. The globalization is…
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What is Self Defense in a world with Terrorism?

What means Self Defense in a world with terrorism?  Very often we read or see news about terrorism, kidnapping, assaults, murder, violence, sexual harassment, crime…crime…crime, and concerned people is starting to think seriously about their own security, about protect themselves and the loved ones, because the governments and law enforcement agencies can’t protect everybody anytime,…
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Seguridad e Inteligencia

Seguridad e Inteligencia Vivimos en un mundo lleno de oportunidades para el desarrollo humano y los negocios, pero también sabesmos que  en ocasiones, ese escenario conlleva riesgos que deben manejarse desde una firme alianza Seguridad-Inteligencia, es decir,  comprender el escenario presente y futuro para tomar decisiones que redunden en mejoras significativas que aplicar a los planes…
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Convoy de dos vehículos

Tony Scotti es Ingeniero, experto en conducción deportiva y una de las mayores autoridades mundiales en manejo defensivo y evasivo de vehículos de seguridad, un referente para mi desde que lo conocí alla por el año 1996, si no me falla la memoria.  En los años 70, diseñó los primeros cursos de Conducción y Protección…
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Servicios Internacionales de Seguridad

Servicios Internacionales de Seguridad España carece todavía de un tejido empresarial fuerte dedicado a prestar servicios de seguridad, inteligencia y apoyo a la proyección internacional durante operaciones militares, voy a tratar de ilustrar cual es la situación y los intentos de crear compañías dedicadas ese tipo de actividades. La parte empresarial En el entorno español…
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