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Bienvenidos al blog de Seguridad e Inteligencia de DRH

Bienvenidos a mi blog profesional dedicado al ámbito de la Seguridad e Inteligencia, mi nombre como habrán imaginado es David Rivas Huete y soy un profesional con 30 años de experiencia en las áreas de Seguridad e Inteligencia, que ha trabajado en Oriente Medio, Africa, Europa, LATAM y USA. Mis certificaciones oficiales incluyen: Acreditación oficial…
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Mozambique Insurgency

By Scott Morgan One wouldn’t notice this situation if the only source of information is from primarily Western News outlets, But the Insurgency taking place in the Cabo Delgado province in Mozambique is potentially taking a new twist. Over the last fortnight, speculation has increased that at least two of Mozambique’s neighbors could intervene in…
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Security during/after Covid19

During my career in the Intelligence field, I used to present reports to decision-makers with this comment, “do you want to know the near future? take a look at the present, pretty similar, big changes are coming step by step, slowly”… this statement is over, Humankind is now facing a global crisis and the result…
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Coronavirus or Covid19, it´s a Weaponized virus?

Note from the Department of Justice in the USA, makes me think about it. I spent time enough working in Intelligence and National Security domestically and overseas, to have deeply assimilated a few concepts: In general terms, Politicians are egoist, selfish animals, interested only in their own career and benefit. No one politician likes to…
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US_DRC Sanctions

For the second time since 2004, the US Department of the Treasury has seen fit to place sanctions on a Ugandan Militia currently operating in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) is a Ugandan Militia that was founded in 1996 during the era of conflict in…
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Border Syria-Turkey

By Scott Morgan We are roughly thirty days into Operation Peace Spring. The Turkish Intervention into Northeastern Syria which was launched days after President Trump made the controversial decision to shift the small US Troop presence in the Country. This presents a very apropro opportunity to do an assessment of what Turkey’s Counterterrorism Strategy is…
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Compliance as Risk Management element

The overlap on Risk Management, GRC and Compliance.

Security, National Security & Disinformation

More than Fake News We are experiencing a continuous effort to disseminate “Fake News” from specific actors, including the habitual suspects, Rusia, Iran or China, but also in the corporate field and private sector we find many samples of Disinformation. One of the main victories form the Dark Side, is the name “Fake News“, a…
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Transforming Security Industry

The transformation of the security business I have been involved in this industry from 1988, passing trough most positions and task in both public and private fields, probably I have perspective enough to look back into the transformation of the security industry, from where are we coming…. And where we are pretending to arrive. What…
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Cameroon refugees in Mexico

One of the most interesting aspects of politics in recent memory has to be the hidden links between what on the surface would be two distinct crises.  This phenomenon appears to be currently playing out on the Southern Border of the United States. Cameroon refugees in Mexico, are already there. At this time one of…
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Kyrgyzstan update

The twenty-four hour period around August 7, 2019, was one of the most interesting periods in recent memory for the people of Kyrgyzstan. The fallout from these events will have a long-lasting impact as well not just for Kyrgyzstan but possibly for Central Asia as well. The issue in question was an initial raid by…
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