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Self-Defence  and Security Training

Learn with an International Certified Expert in Security and Intelligence with Operational Experience Worldwide.


We deliver first-hand knowledge about Violence Management to improve the Workplace Environment and Schools.


Pratical Training in Profesional Security, Self-Defence, Tactical Shooting, Krav Maga, Anti-Terrorism and Intelligence.


A new service to help selected trainers and organizations in the profesionalization of their services and marketing of their products. 

No more knife attacks or terrorism

Enjoy  the Reality of Self-Defence from a former  Security & Intelligence Operative and his team of global Experts.

Be your Own Bodyguard and Protect Yourself


A few things we’re great at

After 30 years of experience in this field, I can guarantee what will help you in the worst case escenario, and what is a fancy “Hollywood” style designed to make the customers happy with cool pictues… but you can’t throw the pics to the criminals…!

Self-Defence Seminars

Normally in a Two days format, a very intense training is delivered to provide you the basic tools of Self-Defense, including Knife Defense, Ground Fighting, Weapons Disarming, Anti-Rape and Terrorism. 

Violence Management

In-House delivered seminars in 8 hours format, with valuable information about early detection of violence in the workplace, how to proceed during assaults, rape agression or  terrorism

Professional Security

Access reserved only to professionals from police, military and security units.  You have Speficic Seminars and  taylor-made courses according to your real needs .


Training Special Forces in Jordan

Few years ago, during the construction of the actua KASOTC (King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center), I was hired to provide training and consulting to the Special Forces and Royal Medical Services.


Platoon tactics for regular military operations.


Dynamic Combat Shooting in high stress environment.


Tactical Combat Casualty Care based in the NAEMT.


Long Patrol Operations for Counter-Terrorism Ops.


Delivering Air Security after 9/11 in Dominican Republic

After the terrorist attack in the USA on 9/11, “Iceman” was hired to provide AvSec training and Consultancy (Aviation Security) to an US neighbour, Dominican Republic, a turistic destination with thousands traveling back and forward on daily basis. Early Detection of problems, Intelligence and good Tactical response were critical for the sucess of the mission.


Detection of suspects and interrogation techniques.


Basic EOD operations for Air Force and National Police.


Full security cycle on check-points for 7 airports.


Basic Tactical Operations for Counter-Terrorism.


A few memories from the past and the present

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Your course made a great contribution to the safety of our PSD team in Kabul, we included most of the skills learned, into our official security training program.

John Doe

Air Force Spain

We are thankfull for the information transmited to our executives, the risk management and information security are clearly improved.

John Doe

F.V.I Venezuela

Our Tactical Team has reported the high level of expertise from your side and the benefit of the training receieved after the course from last March.

John Doe

SPAP Lodz Poland

Some global numbers

With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

Corporate & Public Customers

Students Trained


Receive a free book about security.

I have a Great  Team behind

I’m happy to enjoy the job with a group of selected professionals from several countries, including the USA, Israel, Spain, South Africa, Poland, Mexico and the UK.

Jo Rivas

Physical Training

John Jenkins

Krav Maga Expert

Scott Morgan

Intelligence Analist

Tony Scotti

Security Driving Guru

Thierry Iovanne

Expert in Negotiation

Javier Rodriguez

MMA & Self-Defence

Alijandra Mogilner

Intelligence Analysis

Dominik Rzepka

World Champion KO Oyama Karate

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